Saturday, June 25, 2011


Was thinking a lot about all of the people that have touched my life. So many of them; there is no way to count  let a lone thank them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Catching up in June

   I have a moment to post what's up, so here I am. I've had many wonderful opportunities to sing these past several months. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I learn more as I go and I feel myself improving. I love that there is so much to learn and see and do! Life is going to fast for me and I cant imagine how anyone can be bored! Thanks to all who have supported me in my mission to share positive messages through music.
   I hope to begin to write my own songs in the near future. I'm pretty sure that I will so I encourage anyone to keep on asking me; when will I get it done?I'm getting ready to sing for a women's conference June 18th. I'm very excited to make new friends and see some old ones. As soon as I get the flier I will post it up here.
One more thing I hope to do is to paint my room this month. 

  As for my wonderful family, here is the latest; Danny and Alyssa are doing great! Danny is still pursuing Physical Therapy and is working along with school. Alyssa loves her job doing child care. They have decided to start trying for a baby! It's so wonderful to have such sweet additions as Alyssa and Chelsea to our family. They are both so soft spoken and kind, they keep me in check with my self. They set a wonderful example to me and make me a better person.
     Spencer is working as a realtor and also going to school for Physical therapy. He is thinking of changing that to be a real estate lawyer. Spencer and Chelsea have two year old Preston and are expecting a baby girl in September! She just might arrive an the 21st; on my birthday : )
  Jonathan is in school to be an anesthetist and working at Banner hospital. He's dating every chance he gets. I have no doubt that it wont be long until he finds his eternal companion. It's fun to have him at home since he has been home from his mission. He does his own laundry, cleans up after himself and even prepares a lot of his own meals. He is impressive!!
 Kristy is really growing up in leaps and bounds! It's like she woke up from a sleep. She sees all these things she hasn't done yet and want's to do them. She asks, "why haven't I done those things?" She loves to go to the Temple with her friends Wendy and Emma. She goes to institute and country dancing. She is now a volunteer working in the gilbert library. Kristy has hopes to learn how to drive. I have hopes that she will drive someday too : ) She is riding her horse, running, playing piano, tennis lessons and she is great helping to clean the house and she cares for the animals.
 Tiffany earned the Golden Scholar Award again this year!  She earned the Honors Presidential award in seminary also. We are so very proud of her! She has been very active in sports and so we don't know how she has time to study and text at the same time! Tiffany is very self motivated and goes after what she wants. She will accomplish anything she sets out to do.

Ron is working hard at finding homes to buy and sell. It's a tough market out there. He is also finding cars to buy and fix up. This has been a kind of fun new thing he is doing. It's like a hobby that is actually making money. I am so proud of him! He can be successful at anything he sets out to do because he is a hard worker and he is persistent. He is now back involved in the scouting program again although he dislikes camping, he has a good attitude in serving and doing all of it. He is running and works out at the gym which is why he is looking so great! Having him home a lot more has been an adjustment but this is what life is all about. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful devoted husband and one that is such a good father that spends time with us.

Monday, December 20, 2010

"You Are Loved" is available on Amazon!

Just finished singing my last Christmas concert for 2010. I'm happy make it easy for anyone to buy my latest cd, "You Are Loved" and "Come And Never Leave". Find it on Amazon and i-tunes. Help me get it into more FYE stores. If you ask for 'You Are Loved'  at FYE stores, they can get it for you.  Merry Christmas!
 Love, Debbie